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Distinctive Wine Buying Experience

product knowledge and attentive customer service

When you walk into the shop, we want nothing more than to acquaint you with our unique collection of wines. Our owner, Richard Harvey, has long been in the business of curating a selection of wines that represent the classics of the wine world as well as the esoteric and hard to find. Everything that hits our shelves has been chosen with intention, and only by tasting first. 

Our primary focus is Old World wine, with French wine representing over half of the shop. We also have a tremendous section of German Riesling, Sherry and other delicious Spanish sips, new wave Australian, Austrian, rosé, etc., etc., etc.! Stop in to see for yourself and to experience our excitement as we chat with you about our favourite bottles and your new discoveries.

We also have many exclusive products that can only be found here at Metrovino within Alberta. In some cases, we are the only home for these wines in Western Canada or even the whole country! We're able to have these exclusives due to long-term relationships formed directly with our producers. 


We encourage you to stop by the shop, but you can also view our products online.


public tastings

Metrovino is happy to host tastings that are open to the public on Thursday evenings from September to May. We offer an array of different themes often based upon the passions and specialties of our individual instructors. 

Our wine basics tasting is called FOR THE LOVE OF WINE and we offer it once per semester. This is a great tasting for beginner to novice wine drinkers who want to learn more about their favourite beverage. 

Book your spots online, call in or stop by the shop!

Private Tastings

Metrovino is happy to offer casual, yet educational private wine tastings in our dedicated tasting area of the shop.  

Join us for a 2 hour guided tasting featuring 6 unique and tasty wines. Also included with the tasting is a selection of cheese and charcuterie to nibble on.  Our instructors offer expertise in many areas of the wine world and can tailor a tasting to suit the interests of your group. 

For smaller groups (8-20 people) we recommend a sit-down tasting. 

For larger groups (20-40 people) we recommend a stand-up “Festival-Style" tasting which facilitates mingling and discussion. 

We offer private tastings on weekday evenings. Saturday tastings are not generally offered, unless an instructor is available. 

Date of tasting will depend on the availability of our space and instructor(s).

We do not offer private tastings in December.

or call us at the store



Not your average wine club. Subscribers determine their own preferences for style, region and grape varieties to explore. Each month you'll receive a personally curated case suited to your tastes and budget. 


Cellar Planning & Evaluation

Do you need help planning and stocking a new cellar, or determining where your existing cellar could be stronger? Do you have a stock of wines on hand where the drink-ability and financial value is unknown? We can help answer both questions (heck, we’ll even help you drink them!)!! Cost of the evaluation is dependent on size and nature of the evaluation. (Aunt Minnie’s 40 year old bottle of Tio Pepe Sherry does not qualify…)



Inner City $20

The inner city includes downtown, including Chinatown, Eau Claire and Beltline and the following neighbourhoods (by city quadrant):


Outer City $35

The outer city includes all neighbourhoods within the city limits excluding those defined as inner city. For beyond the city limits, the customer or Metrovino will arrange for a courier at going rates.