Why Metrovino Loves Beaujolais...

“Beaujolais is for drinking, more so than any other wine. The classic swirl, sniff, sip, swish and spit approach us pretentious wine "professionals" flaunt so regularly doesn't properly encapsulate the soul of the best Beaujolais. One must invoke the "gulp" or the "chug" technique to unveil the full beauty embedded within these captivating wines. And with price tags a fraction of their big brothers in northern Burgundy, this proper testing technique can be enjoyed while still making your mortgage payments.”
- Jim

“I love Beauj because it's GOOD, approachable, pleasant and, most importantly, crushable.”
- Craig

“I believe that Beaujolais is a virtuous and unapologetic genre in and of itself within the wine world. Within it, you will not be disappointed because there is: literally, figuratively, experimentally, and emotionally, something for everyone.”
- Dinah

“A few weeks ago, I went to bed without having drank quite enough Beaujolais. I dreamt that I was floating over central France, intemperately gobbling up clouds that tasted like strawberries but lacked the capacity to satiate. I awoke in a state of dejection and shame; Beaujolais is the most utilitarian of the world’s great red wines, but because it’s so easy to buy and to drink, it’s also easy to take for granted.

The Gamay grape grown in the granite soils of Beaujolais is one of the most synchronistic confluences of grape and place on the planet. The vinous result is an altruistically utilitarian red wine - one that isolates life’s hauntingly benign simplicities while banishing its debilitating complications. If Beaujolais were a food, it would certainly be pizza. In both cases, divinity is achievable, but its virtues are eclipsed by the more placid rewards of pure, sybaritic gratification.”
- Al

“Beaujo sings a song of pure existential nature; challenges and ease, triumphs and mistakes. The most human of all wines, it is saint, penitent and sinner rolled into one, with no apologies for any of these.”
- Richard

“I love Beaujolais because it is a wine made for enjoyment. Studying wine and breaking it down into a list of components, aromas and flavours has its value but Beaujolais demands more than that. It requires that you have fun, that you don’t just taste but that you drink it. There is no need for pretension, special glassware, or point scores. It's delicious out of a glass, mug, or straight from the bottle. Beaujolais more than any other wine is made to be shared and enjoyed. Glug it back, grab some more, and smile.”
- Taylor

“Beauj might be the category I drink the most of. I'm always in the mood for it, it always goes with what I'm having and it always delivers.” 
- Marli

“Beaujolais is that person you knew in school. You know, the otherworldly kid who seemingly tries very little at anything and yet overachieves at everything. The one who is friends with the jocks, cheerleaders, skaters, burn-outs, A/V clubbers and knows everyone on the Model U.N. Beyond this universal friendliness, they can also do the splits, nail their performance as Macbeth in the school play, throw a ball into infinity, work out complex physics problems with ease and rip Hendrix on guitar. Jealousy of their success would be natural. However, perturbations over their giftedness are non-existent. You sincerely enjoy their company; you can’t help it. You happily soak up your time with the one called Beaujolais.”
- Matty