Patio Wisdom

Written by Marli Hadden

Patio discussions are perhaps the most unfiltered form of conversation. Something about being part of the outdoors makes everything a little bit more authentic. Recently I, as with every other Calgarian in July, have been doing lots of sipping on patios, around campfires, and on my deck. Though the tight quarters of my deck are by no means extravagant, it is moderately sheltered by a large pine tree which makes it feel slightly secluded. This little outdoor space has facilitated many candid chats that help to make whatever is on my mind seem legitimate and also manageable, which is no easy task. I hope it goes without saying (but I still must say it) - these meaningful conversations have everything to do with the great people who have joined me for a heart-to-heart and the deck is just the (literal) platform for such exchanges.

Last night, I shared a bottle of Le Carillon de Vendôme Rouge with my sister on my deck. I feel as though the wine was just as honest and real as we were being with each other. It suited the evening, matched our vibes and quenched the thirst that spirited conversation inspires.