Bottle to Mouth Transfer

Written by Al Drinkle

The Soil to Glass Transfer (henceforth STGT) is a great term coined by legendary Rhône authority Jonathan Livingstone-Learmonth (henceforth JLL). He applies it to “wines that reflect a sense of place, or terroir, the expression of their sector and also the vintage style delivered by the year`s weather.” We love this kind of stuff at Metrovino.

But we’re really busy right now and our engagement with wine has become reduced to primal necessity. We still have standards, but the epicurean pursuit of tasty pleasure takes precedence over the cerebral allure that we usually seek. Of significance is the way in which we imbibe during these hectic times… We call it a “fly” and it’s the most immediate way to quench the thirst that follows lengthy and numerous conversations, to render alert the sleep-deprived wine-shop somnambulist and to satiate the parched spirit with nature’s greatest gift. In other words, the fly is the most effective method to enact a BTMT (Bottle to Mouth Transfer) – it’s like a shot but of wholesome and sobering wine instead of debilitating liquors.

The BTMT technique is a wine-quickie (at Metrovino it’s a wine-quickie orgy), and something to be re-enacted several times a day if need be. It’s more corporeally pleasing than soul-stirring to cruise a glass into your body this way, and after 3 pm on December 24th we’ll revert to our erudite and demure enjoyment of wine… in the meantime, the fly is the way and the more slippery the wine, the better.