A Metrovino exclusive offering of the wines of Valdespino and La Guita, Jerez, Spain

There are few causes to which the collective minds (and hearts) of Metrovino are so dedicated than to the promulgation of the wines of the Sherry region of Spain. Yes! Sherry, in all of its diversity and glory! And as of Wednesday, August 20, Calgary’s world of Sherry will be as bright as the Andalusian sun!

This is because we will receive 9 Sherries from the amazing “houses” of Valdespino and the Manzanilla producer simply (and best) known as “La Guita”. This is a the very first time this range of some of the finest Sherry made has been available in Alberta!

Our two, pale, dry and fresh Sherries represent the pinnacle of this style.

The Valdespino bodega is quite unique in Jerez, as this wine (like the Tio Diego below) is not only from a single vineyard (unusual for Sherry) but still ferments in large, old oak casks.

[La Guida] The La Guita Manzanilla is the benchmark for this region- so fresh that the sardines that this coastal region is so famous for willingly leap onto the grill in order to accompany this snappy fresh wine.