private tasting  policy


We require a 50% deposit of the estimated total cost of your event (Example:  12ppl X $50 = $600/2 = $300 + tax). Until we secure the deposit the tasting is not booked. One week prior to your tasting we will confirm with you the number of attendees, and process a payment for the remaining balance based on this number. 


If you cancel prior to one week before the tasting the deposit will be converted to a store credit. If you cancel within a week of the tasting, all but $100 will be converted to store credit.  If you cancel within 48 hours of the tasting we will convert 50% of the amount to store credit and the rest will remain with Metrovino to cover administration expenses.

Please note:  Once the second payment has been processed (within a week of your tasting) we cannot adjust the total price as arrangements and wine selections have been made based on your estimated guest count.