An estate built for the history books, Monteraponi is a pillar within the Chianti Classico region. The property itself is the namesake of a historical town, dating back to the 10th century and formerly the property of Count Ugo, the Marchese and Governer of Tuscany.

The Monteraponi estate spans over 200 hectares of south-facing property set within a natural amphitheater. Of that, 12 hecatres are vineyards (11 within the Chianti Classico region), 8 hectares are olive trees and the rest of the property is covered in towering ancient oaks that seclude the winery from the outside world and protect the vines from any incoming harsh winds.

Known for their organically produced Chinati Classico selections, Vinsanto, Olive Oil, and Grappa, Monteraponi focuses their efforts in and outside the vineyard on natural techniques with a carefully considered technological advancements to compliment to winemaking process. Fermentation is carried out in concrete vats to guarantee the fermentation process is spontaneous and natural.

The wine cellars still are housed in the historic Lord’s residence underneath the residence tower where you can find wines dating back to the original habitation. The thick stone walls ensure consistent temperatures and humidity levels throughout the years, guaranteeing each bottle you purchase will be one to keep.