Our Metrovino Wine Staff

Richard Harvey


Obsessed with Baudelaire, France, the unusual, the delectable, the underdog, the beautiful, maps and stones…oh, yes, and wine.

Michelle Salberg

Maîtresse du Fromage

Thinks Champagne should be on the list of daily vitamins.

Al Drinkle

Dipsomaniacal Troglodyte

Perpetually curious and ever thirsty.

Jim Drinkle

The Mantis

Sage of cerebral board games, certified mathlete and rabid imbiber of Riesling.

Matt Leslie

New Guy AKA Mattie

Wine is my ineradicable habit.

Cole Larson

Cole Aksel Olaf Larson aka, Corn, COAL, Kale, CORK, COLEBERT and sometimes Sally.

Great enjoyer of great things.

Craig Westhaver


BIIIIIG BOYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Marli Hadden

Midnight Marli

Spikin' balls and spikin' drinks.

Andrea Robinson


 The Dancing Burgundy lycanthropess.




Taylor Koch

Tay Tay

Enjoyer of good food, wine, books and bicycles.

Thomas Dahlgren


Advanced assessor and virtuoso identifier of superlatives.

Alix Wallace

The Magic A Ball

Hot sauce connoisseur, Fine wine lover, Spiritual Gangster.